Monday, 22 May 2017

little big planet

well, little big planet is an just adorable fairy godmother of all platformers.
the vocal stylings of stephen fry humourously show you the ropes and playing on a PSP the game mechanic seems pretty solid.
and then you get to a level called gift of the grab and the the best popsong you'll hear for a long time glistens and glitters in your ears in fact the music is excellent and diverse throughout.
the customisation of this game is deep
as you play through the levels
you gain building blocks and gadgets
with which you can contruct,
upload and share
your own levels.
and theres a hell of a lot of levels out there,
people have got extremely creative with it
leading to endless replayability
which is always a good thing in a game.
highly recommended.
5 stars.

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