Sunday 13 December 2015

the room

not quite sure why they called it 'the room' not 'the box', because this lusciously rendered puzzler/adventure/escaper is all about opening a series of increasingly complex boxes... i suppose maybe it's a satirical nod to the whole escape room genre...
it's better than it sounds because these steampunk contraptions are quite beautifully engineered.
only a couple of hours long, but a very enjoyable headscratching couple of hours. there's also a nice hint system that nudges you in the right direction when you get stuck, and you will get stuck...

Wednesday 2 December 2015

monument valley

a beautifully designed, kid friendly
escheresque puzzler.
simple, when you know the answer...

can you get to z?

really well executed hybrid of 2048 and drop7.
major timesink


another nice take on a 2048 like game
with a circular mechanic rather than a grid
and elements replacing numbers.
curiously satisfying.


a pretty straight 2048 port, except for one thing...
instead of adding numbers you are building a city.
isometric style. nice.

smash hit

very graphically pleasing endless runner/shooter
from the ironically named studio mediocre games.