Wednesday 25 January 2017

everybody's gone to the rapture

the second game after dear esther from developers the chinese room. this is the archers on acid... beautiful soundtrack...

the importance of music in games

the secret of a great game is gameplay of course, but the secret of a truly memorable game is music. from the inspired 50's jazzy compilations of bioshock, bioshock 2, fallout 3, the radio station in far cry 3, the beautiful and quirky soundtracks of legend of zelda (that dungeon theme is a real earworm) and final fantasy VI and VII, the ambient avant-gardeness of hexic, the gorgeous minimalness of riven and journey, the haunting etheral melancholy of jessica curry's music for both dear esther & everybody's gone to the rapture, the classically flavoured echochrome, to the bluesy western inspired red dead redemption and bastion.

Tuesday 17 January 2017


hexic is a wonderful little match three puzzler with a twist, literally, that every xbox360 owner will know, as it comes bundled with the console. invented by the russian creator of tetris, yeah, that guy, you might suspect this game is addictive, and you'd be right. couple that with an amazing avant garde ambient soundtrack by urbex and you've got a doozy. you can play it free online here.