Wednesday 20 April 2016


qatqi @qatqi #qatqi is scrabble for loners
lovely steampunk design and zen electro evolving soundtrack.
and great stats.
very relaxing.

uru: ages beyond myst

uru is my favourite iteration of the deeply wonderful myst series, being a third person adventure rather than the usual point and click mechanic. the environments are quite stark, by todays standards, but you still feel like you are in them. the puzzles are fiendishly difficult as ever. but you get to walk around them, which feels like progress.

it's a shame the online aspect didn't really happen although hardcore fans did set up functional servers that still work to this day i believe...

a curates egg of a video game for historians, poets, archeologists, cryptographers & mathematicians.
it would nice to see this game dusted off and revamped for tablets...