Monday, 2 May 2016

saints row IV

'if you could a have any superpower what would it be?'
'all of 'em!'

A riot of colours, saints row IV is like a playful great dane cyber puppy licking your face with magnetism and ridiculousness on a sunny  Sunday morning.
Mechanically it's a GTAV vs Superman vs Destroy All Humans! hybrid, this game really throws the kitchen sink at it gameplaywise, and turns it up to eleventystupid.

(Spoiler Alert)
Whether you are bouncing up a skyscraper, hacking a gun shop, stealing a UFO, or fighting a super cyber monster, this game's acid dreamlike quality and lol sense of humour, will have you hooked from the start;
(oh look, there's a guy dressed as an energy drink dancing with a guy dressed as a hotdog in a high end clothes shop...)
and it's great to get around when you can glide like a flyingsquirrel...
As the President of the USA/ Head of a Gang, kidnapped by aliens, trapped in a matrix like simulation...

...there is a lot to do...
and if you get bored of that,
the reggae channel is awesome.

a brilliantly bonkers take on the crime sandbox genre.

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